Study: Dove hunt won't help state
posted 6/22/2006

No Economic Benefit
posted 6/21/2006

Lawmakers Seem Incapable
posted 6/17/2006

Decision 2006: EPIC-MRA Poll
posted 6/14/2006

Anti-Dove Shooting Group Wants AG's Help
posted 6/2/2006

Dove Hunters Afoul of Gaming Laws, Group Says
posted 6/2/2006

Anti-Dove Hunting Group Files Complaint Against Opponents
posted 6/1/2006

posted 5/31/2006

Make Your Mark On The Ballot
posted 5/26/2006

Dove Dilemma
posted 5/26/2006

Vast Majority Oppose Creating Dove Season
posted 5/11/2006

Latest Mourning Dove Public Opinion Poll Results
posted 3/10/2006

List of Ballot Initiatives Longest Since '78
posted 3/10/2006

To Hunt, or Not to Hunt
posted 2/13/2006

Mourning Doves are Not Game Birds
posted 10/19/2005

Huron Daily Tribune - Editorial
posted 10/15/2005

Dove Hunting Ban Should Be Restored
posted 10/15/2005

Cheap Skeet or Delectable Treat
posted 10/14/2005

Dove Fight is About Right to Hunt
posted 9/16/2005

Are Mourning Doves Fair Game in Michigan?
posted 9/11/2005

Opponents of Dove Protection Form Committee
posted 9/4/2005

Shooting Ban in Effect
posted 9/1/2005

Committee Press Release - Sept. 1st Shoot Blocked
posted 9/1/2005

A Special Message from Wayne Pacelle
posted 9/1/2005

Poll Shows Support for Reinstating Ban
posted 8/12/2005

Bay City Times - Editorial
posted 8/5/2005

South Bend Tribune: Editorial
posted 6/15/2005

ASPCA News Release
posted 6/10/2005

Greens Welcome Success of Petition to Save Doves
posted 6/9/2005

Kalamazoo Gazette: Editorial
posted 6/6/2005

Oakland Press: Doves Come Back to Bite
posted 6/6/2005

State Certifies Petitions - Doves are on the Ballot
posted 6/4/2005

Doves Spared as Referendum Heads to Ballot
posted 6/3/2005

Petition May Halt Hunts for Doves
posted 5/25/2005

Challenge Deadline Passes, No Challenge
posted 5/20/2005

Dove Season May Be Suspended
posted 4/6/2005

Skubick's Off the Record - Good Numbers on Doves, Not on Gov
posted 4/1/2005

Scientists Say Politics Trumps Research within the U.S.F.W.S.
posted 4/1/2005

Grassroots Group Calls for Dove Referendum
posted 3/31/2005

MDN Editorial: Let Voters Decide on Mourning Dove Hunt
posted 3/30/2005

Group Submits Mourning Dove Petition
posted 3/30/2005

Dove Hunt Opponents Submit Petitions
posted 3/29/2005

Committee Press Prelease: Signatures Collected to Allow Vote
posted 3/28/2005

Eye On Politics: New Move Squeezes Gov and Lawmakers
posted 3/28/2005

LSJ Editorial: Lawmakers Fueled Petition Drive
posted 3/27/2005

Group to Submit Petitions Seeking Ban
posted 3/25/2005

Dove Petition Drive Beats Goal
posted 3/25/2005

Dove Campaign Confident on Petitions
posted 3/25/2005

Group Has Signatures
posted 3/25/2005

Outdoor Writer: Dove Debate
posted 3/25/2005

Deadline Nearing for Dove Petitions
posted 2/28/2005

Women Wrap Up Crusade to Save Doves
posted 2/27/2005

Salem Residents Join Quest to Save the Doves
posted 2/24/2005

Mourning Dove Debate Not Over
posted 2/19/2005

Tim Skubick: Flip-Flop Gov
posted 2/18/2005

Deadline Approaches for Petition
posted 2/16/2005

MHS Press Release
posted 1/20/2005

MUCC Off the Mark
posted 1/8/2005

Macomb Daily Editorial
posted 1/7/2005

Oakland Press Editorial
posted 1/5/2005

Skubick's Off the Record - Doves, Intensity of Outrage & Flip-Flop Gov
posted 12/31/2004

Songbirds Go on the Menu
posted 12/30/2004

Drive to Save Peace Symbol Still Flying
posted 12/19/2004

Rep Bieda on His NO Vote
posted 12/2/2004

DAS: The Ball is in Our Court
posted 12/1/2004

LSJ: House Bill 6272
posted 11/21/2004

Oakland Press Editorial: HB 6272
posted 11/16/2004

Tabor "Honored" to be on Cruel List
posted 11/15/2004

Excerpt from Detroit News on Mourning Doves
posted 11/14/2004

Tabor Talks to Constituents
posted 11/06/2004

Wolves, Cranes May Be Next on Game List
posted 11/05/2004

Gray Wolf and Sandhill Cranes are Next
posted 10/26/2004

Dead Dove Dining at the Capitol
posted 9/23/2004

Michigan Humane Society Joins the Committee
posted 9/16/2004

Attacks on Doves Weaken Agencies' Credibility
posted 9/16/2004

Hugh McDiarmid Sr.: Dove Slaughter Begins
posted 9/15/2004

Cartoon: The Thrill of the Hunt
posted 9/12/2004

DNR Aims at Doves and Kills its Credibilty
posted 9/11/2004

Free Press: Editorial
posted 9/10 /2004

Commission Unanimously Approves Michigan Season
posted 9/10/2004

Granholm Serves Fringe Faction, Again
posted 9/10/2004

NRC Reveals Decision on Dove Season
posted 9/10/2004

Dove Protection Coalition Denounces Action by NRC
posted 9/9/2004

Likely Friday Opening; Opponents Work for 2006 ballot
posted 9/9/2004

Dove Hunting to Start Friday
posted 9/9/2004

Dove Season Likely to Open Friday
posted 9/6/2004

Dove Hunters Busted
posted 9/4/2004

Oakland Press Editorial - Dove Alert!
posted 8/26/04

Dove Hunt Vote Set for Next Month
posted 8/13/2004

South Bend Tribune: An Unfortunate Dove Hunt

posted 8/13/2004

Dove Decision Set for Next Month
posted 8/12/04

Groups Vow to Fight Dove Shooting Law
posted 8/11/2004

MAS President's Message
posted 8/6/2004

Dove-lovers Petition to Repeal Law
posted 8/6/2004

Petition Drive Aimed at 2006
posted 8/5/2004

Ballot Committee Press Release
posted 8/5/2004

Inside Michigan Politics
posted 7/19/2004

Dave Dempsey: An Environmental Disappointment
posted 7/18/2004

NRC: Participation of Violation
posted 7/15/2004

2004 Mourning Dove Population Status Report
posted 7/1/2004

The Spin Out of Govs Office
posted 6/30/2004

Cherry's "Role," with NRA Ties
posted 6/29/2004

Gov Signs Dove Hunt Legislation
posted 6/27/2004

Skubick's Off the Record - Flip Flop Gov Signs Kill Bill
posted 6/25/2004

Dove Issue Shows Granholm is a Pushover
posted 6/23/2004

Cartoon: Did you see the dove?
posted 6/23/2004

Mourning Doves Never Had a Chance
posted 6/22/2004

Skubick: Critics Question Leadership
posted 6/18/2004

Gov OK's Two Step Plan for Statewide Hunt
posted 6/18/2004

Granholm Signs Bill to Shoot Doves
posted 6/18/2004

Granholm Signs Bill to Allow Hunters to Shoot Doves
posted 6/18/2004

Granholm Sharply Criticized
posted 6/18/2004

HSUS Appeals to Granholm Donors on Legislation
posted 6/16/2004

Saginaw News: An Albatross in Dove Hunt
posted 6/15/2004

Granholm Can't Afford to Sign Dove Hunting Bill
posted 6/14/2004

Supporters Hope to Keep Issue Off Public Ballot
posted 6/13/2004

HB 5029: Technically Flawed & Divisive
posted 6/12/2004

Wayne Pacelle: Good Reasons to Keep State Dove Hunt Ban
posted 6/11/2004

TCRE: Granholm Must Honor Vow to VETO Dove Bill
posted 6/11/2004

Skubick's Off the Record - Doves and Gov Flip Flop
posted 6/11/2004

Greens Still Say NO
posted 6/10/2004

Granholm Eyes Controversial Bill
posted 6/10/2004

Dove Bill Sent to Governor
posted 6/10/2004

HSUS: Gov Should Honor Pledge to Veto
posted 6/8/2004

Dove Kill Bill Headed to Gov's Desk
posted 6/8/2004

Rep Phillips On His NO Vote
posted 6/8/2004

Granholm's Form Letter to Constituents
posted 6/1/2004

Ten Reasons for Granholm to VETO
posted 5/24/2004

WI Stats for 2003 - Facts They Don't "Tout"
posted 5/20/2004

Minnesota's Political Tricks Create Dove Shooting Season
posted 5/19/2004

MN Cartoon: The Trophy!
posted 5/13/2004

Oakland Press - Granholm Should Do What's Right and Veto
posted 5/12/2004

Daily Press - Wishy-Washy Governor, Stop Punting
posted 5/3/2004

LSJ - Full Page Save the Doves Ad
posted 5/3/2004

Compromise will get Granholm Nowhere
posted 4/27/2004

Granholm's Campaign VETO Promise to Voters
posted 4/24/2004

Gov Might "Compromise" Promise
posted 4/21/2004

Humane Orgs Urge Gov Veto
posted 4/20/2004

Speaker of House Assists Fringe Agenda
posted 4/18/2004

Lt Gov Touts Dove Legislation
posted 4/16/2004

TCRE - Dove Hunt Backers Take Aim at Voters Too
posted 4/6/2004

WI Court Says OK to Kill Peace Symbol
posted 4/6/2004

Wisconsin Court Ruling
posted 4/6/2004

Flint Journal - Veto Dove Hunt Bill
posted 4/2/2004

Skubick's Off the Record - Doves and Granholm
posted 4/2/2004

LSJ - State Senate Passes Bill
posted 4/1/2004

AP - Senate Approves Bill Allowing Shooting of Doves
posted 4/1/2004

Freep - Granholm Expected to Veto
posted 4/1/2004

JCP - Veto Likely for Dove Bill
posted 4/1/2004

Det News - Dove Bill Passed Senate
posted 4/1/2004

Vote Could Fly Either Way Today
posted 3/31/2004

Senate Panel Moves Billl Forward
posted 3/31/2004

Dove Hunting Legislation to be Revived in Senate
posted 3/30/2004

Audubon's Legislator of the Year
posted 3/9/2004

Speak Softly and Send a Big Stick
posted 3/8/2004

Voters Don't Approve of Shooting Doves
posted 3/2/2004

EPIC/MRA Opinion Poll
posted 3/1/2004

Dove Bill Second to Death Penalty
posted 2/27/2004

Conservation Observatory Opposes Bill
posted 2/25/2004

Christoff: Lawmaker Impasse
posted 2/23/2004

Let Voters Decide
posted 2/20/2004

Bay City Times Editorial
posted 2/20/2004

Lawmaker Takes Stand for System Integrity
posted 2/18/2004

Dove Bill Stirs Passions
posted 2/17/2004

State Has Enough Game, Don't Legalize Hunt
posted 2/17/2004

Bill Stalls in Committee
posted 2/17/2004

Bishop Faces Dove Decision
posted 2/15/2004

Mourning The Mourning Dove
posted 2/07/2004

Skubick's Off the Record - MHS and Tabor
posted 2/6/2004

Skubick: Dove Bill Has Them Ducking
posted 2/6/2004

Stop Dove Hunting Measure
posted 2/3/2004

Sikkema Pushes Dove Shooting Agenda
posted 2/1/2004

Game or Tame: Fiery Debates
posted 1/21/2004

Leaders Should Protect Doves
posted 1/21/2004

Science Fiction "Stats" and Flawed "Facts"
posted 1/2004

KY Residents Sentenced for Illegal Hunt
posted 12/30/2003

Economic Analysis Word Document
posted 12/08/2003

Doves Just Don't Look Like Game
posted 11/29/2003

Greens: NO Hunting Michigan's Bird of Peace!
posted 11/21/2003

Hunting Exposes Dark Side
posted 11/18/2003

Shh! Be Vewy Quiet
posted 11/16/2003

What's Tabor Doing?
posted 11/16/2003

Keep Target Off Mourning Dove
posted 11/13/2003

What Budget Crisis? House Has Bigger Game
posted 11/13/2003

Chickadee Croutons, Lots of Hunting Targets
posted 11/13/2003

Political Buckshot in Dove Bill
posted 11/8/2003

Skubick's Off the Record
posted 11/8/2003

Appropriation Could Be Out
posted 11/8/2003

House's Dirty Bird Ploy Disgraceful
posted 11/7/2003

House Vote Comes Down to Politics
posted 11/6/2003

Block Dove Hunt
posted 11/6/2003

Dove Brochure Scheme
posted 11/6/2003

Senate Resolution No. 192
posted 11/5/2003

Nugent, You Are No Rosa Parks
posted 11/5/2003

Switalski's Insider
posted 11/5/2003

Detroit Free Press: Emotions Count
posted 11/4/2003

Mourning Possibility of Losing Little Doves
posted 11/4/2003

1000...NOT, 300 Tops
posted 11/4/2003

House Resolved Michigan's Bird of Peace
posted 11/2003

Daily Bag Limit
posted 11/2003

House Dove Hunt Bill Tuesday
posted 10/30/2003

House Committee Hearing Update
posted 10/30/2003

Taking Aim at a Coo
posted 10/23/2003

Let the Doves Laugh
posted 10/19/2003

Critics Take Aim at Dove Hunting
posted 10/12/2003

No Dove Soufflé Here
posted 10/10/2003

Oakland Press Editorial
posted 10/8/2003

Hold Fire on the Doves
posted 9/26/2003

Lawmakers Take Aim at Mourning Dove
posted 9/14/2003

Bill Will Diminish Public Input
posted 9/14/2003

Hunters Aim, Shoot Self in Foot
posted 9/13/2003

The "Image" - Songbirds for "Sport"
posted 9/12/2003

No Reason to Hunt Mourning Doves
posted 9/9/2003

Dove-Hunt Bill Has Pros, Cons
posted 9/7/2003

Doves Are Songbirds, Not Hunting Targets
posted 9/7/2003

Are Mourning Doves Fair Game?
posted 9/5/2003

Hunt Doves?
posted 9/1/2003

It's Sept. 1st, Is Your Vote Being Sold?
posted 9/1/2003

Wisconsin: Aim at Respect and Harmony
posted 8/30/2003

Public Should Shoot Down New Bid
posted 8/20/2003

LSJ - Enough with Dove Bill
posted 8/17/2003

Tabor Reintroduces Dove Bill
posted 8/14/2003

WI Utility Warns Shooters
posted 8/11/2003

DNR - Skating or Violating
posted 8/2003

Wisconsin Hunt Could Be Illegal
posted 8/2003

2003 Mourning Dove Population Status Report
posted 7/2003

Whad'Ya Know?
posted 7/2003

People Love Their Doves
posted 6/2003

Caucus Threat to MI Doves
posted 6/2003

Minnesota Safe This Session
posted 5/2003

WI Battle for Bird of Peace
posted 4/2003

MN - No Good Reason to Shoot Doves
posted 3/26/2003

MN - Keep Peace, and Mourning Doves, Alive
posted 3/20/2003

Californians Want Dove Protection
posted 3/2003

Dollars for Doves
posted 2/2003

RI Legislation Introduced
posted 1/2003

Doves Symbolize Peace
posted 12/26/2002

All Creatures Great and Small
posted 12/2002

Iowans Keep Dove Gov
posted 11/2002

71st House District - Freeman for the Future
posted 10/2002

Cruelty Of "Acceptable Losses"
posted 9/2002

Mourning Dove Mortality
posted 8/2002

Humane USA Endorses Bonior and Schwarz
posted 7/2002

2002 Population Status Report
posted 7/2002

SPC Goes To D.C.
posted 6/2002

Dove Donors Must Beware
posted 6/2002

Doves=Peace Not Targets
posted 5/2002

WI Citizens Win Continued Protection
posted 4/20/2002

The National Assault, At Any Cost
posted 3/2002

MAS Resolution
posted 3/2002

Bird Hobbyists Pay for Live Songbirds
posted 1/2002

Doves Are Safe For The Holidays...Next Year?
posted 12/17/2001

In This Season Of Peace?
posted 12/15/2001

Why Doves?
posted 12/13/2001

Here We Go Again...
posted 12/11/2001

Mourning Doves Again In Legislators' Sights
posted 12/11/2001

Lawmakers Duck Dove Call
posted 12/10/2001

Proponents Take Aim at Elected Officials
posted 12/9/2001

Dove Hunting Ban May Be Lifted
posted 12/6/2001

Law May Leave Doves Vulnerable
posted 12/4/2001

Legislators Need Courage, Mourning Doves Need Help
posted 10/19/2001

Dove-Hunting Debate Brewing Again
posted 10/15/2001

Wisconsin Judge Halts Shooting Season
posted 9/2001

Toxic Shot Problem Confirmed in Shooting Fields
posted 8/2001

Most Abundant Gamebird Hunted to Extintion
posted 7/2001

Tabor Takes Heavy Hits 
posted 6/2001

Protected Falcons Often Shot by Dove Hunters
posted 4/2001 

Wildlife Management and the Political Agenda
posted 4/2001

One Vote Kept Doves Safe From Hunt
posted 3/2001

Permanent Court Ordered Injunction
posted 3/2001

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